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One Way Services


Blue Dolphins can also provide you with One Way Movement for your containers in locations you desire.


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Problem: A global container management consortium needs to forecast and stage containers of various types at depots throughout the world to meet the demands of its member fleets. Due to the complexity of scheduling, resource allocation, and the seasonal variation in demand they were able to satisfy only a small fraction of their member’s requirements. The aggregate cost of the consortium’s inability to satisfy demand ran in excess of several hundred thousand dollars per day in unnecessary container leasing, in container unavailability, and in lost commerce.


As a Result. The Supply Optimization accurately andconsistently predicts container demand at each port for each of the member fleets. By reducing container leasing, improving availability, reducing risk, and accelerating the flow of goods throughout the International Shipping lanes, has not only offset the original penalty costs associated with poor scheduling and forecasting, but, by streamlining the management, planning, and forecasting initiatives of the fleets, saves the consortium an estimated one million dollars a day.

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