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Our  Co-operate Partner Special reefer container manufacturer, core business is focused on manufacturing various refrigerated & insulated containers, as we hold more than 100 pcs of engineering patents and have full capability to manufacture your desired units.

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Our factory has a full-scale range of product from 10ft to 53ft special containers, inclusive Standard shipping refrigerated containers, Military containers, Specialized reefers, Insulated containers, Cold storage containers, Reefer Swap body as well as European Pallet wide containers.

Here we would like to introduce some special units as below to extend your global business,

10ft & 20ft offshore reefer containers
10ft MGSS Insulated Container with side door
20ft reefer container with internal release mechanism door
20ft double engine machinery cold storage container with side door
20ft Tricon Reefer containers
20ft HC Meat hanging reefer container
20ft insulated container, 31ft & 40ft insulated container
24ft CCD Insulated Swap Body container
25ft Dual Temperature Reefer Swap Body containers, 25ft reefer swap body.
40ft HC meat hanging reefer container
40ft HC European Palletwide reefer container, 40’HC refrigerated container with side doors
42ft MGSS Reefer container with double side doors
45ft Palletwide Diesel & Electric Reefer container with Garment Hanging System
45ft Palletwide Reefer container with Diesel & Electric Machinery
45ft Palletwide Reefer container with Meat Hanging System
45ft Palletwide Reefer container with Standard Marine Machinery
48ft palletwide reefer containers
53ft Steel Heater Container, and so on……Our factory has full capability to exploit new products for you!

 Thousands of these specially insulated units were adopted advanced technology and built to various specification& standards. They are with high insulation properties, refrigerating capacity and easy to use.

Our factory has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18000 certification as well as factory and laboratory certifications from international authorities inclusive ABS of the U.S., GL of Germany, BV of France and CCS of China.

As taken customer’s requirement oriented, we continuously supplied standard and special reefer & insulated containers to most famous ship-owners, container lessor and international trading company all over the world.

If you have any special design or demands, we will be very glad of assistance.

As your direct & reliable manufacturer, we look forward to sharing more business opportunities with you.

Best Regards,
Blue Dolphins Containers