International Shipping Containers Ratings and Grades

International Shipping Containers

“New” (One Trip) Containers
Today, nearly all new containers are manufactured in Asia. They are loaded onto a ship and then delivered to you. To defray shipping costs, they will have had cargo loaded in them for the one-trip over from Asia. Nevertheless, these are brand new, clean, dent and problem free, with the durable manufactures original paint and warranty. You can expect a 50% to 100% price increase for a new container vs a used “B” grade container. Whenever reliability, longevity or aesthetics are important, this is your top choice.

“Certified” (IICL/CSC Plated/Cargo Worthy) Containers
These are used containers that are certified for transport of cargo overseas. They are generally between 2-10 years of age and while there may be some minor dents and scratches, these containers structurally are of a very high quality. A cargo worthy container must be surveyed or certified by a licensed surveyor. Regardless if you plan to ship your container overseas or not, a surveyed container will insure that you will receive a unit that is structurally sound. Cargo worthy (certified) inspection criteria is based on condition of the doors, floor, walls, ceiling and structural integrity. You can expect a 20% to 30% price increase for this product grade vs a “B” grade container. If you will ever ship your container overseas, then this is your best choice.

“A” Grade Containers (WWT)
“A” grade – wind and water tight (WWT) containers are used as shipping containers for years then retired by shipping or leasing companies. You can lock yourself inside the container and not see any light coming in. There will be little to no exterior rust, straight walls with minor denting and a true curvature to the roof bows. The doors will open and close with ease. The floor will be in excellent condition. This container is 10-20% more expensive than a “B” grade. A Grade containers are a great choice when you prefer something better than a B Grade.

“B” Grade Containers (AS-IS)
“B” grade is used to describe “As Is” units. Most will be wind and water tight (WWT) but this is not guaranteed. This product grade is ideal for contractors and other storage applications. The container will have exterior denting and may have minor superficial rusting. The walls will be straight and the curvature of the roof bows will likely be true. The doors will open and close. The floor will be in very good condition. Used containers in this category are the most popular choice due to their abundant supply and inherent value.

“C” Grade (Damaged) Containers
These are used units with major damage. These containers have serious rust, doors that don’t fully open or close, structural problems, rotten floors or other major problems. They are typically sold for recycling the steel or specific projects.