International Shipping Containers Important Acronyms and Organizations

International Shipping Containers

International Shipping Container langs and terms that below is a list of the mainly common terms, acronyms & organizations.

ISO – International Standardization Organization – An International organization based out of Geneva that works towards synchronizing worldwide technical standards, which includes those governing the construction of shipping containers.

BIC – Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal – An International organization that links all the various players in the shipping container industry.

NPSA – Is an American based association for the portable storage industry. They are the leading trade association for companies offering secure, portable storage containers, portable or mobile storage trailers, portable or mobile offices, portable or mobile storage units and the industry around it.

CSC – Convention for Safe Containers – Established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1972 to set 2 goals. The first is to maintain a high level of safety for human life in the transport and handling of containers by providing generally acceptable test procedures and related strength requirements of shipping containers. The second goal s to facilitate the international transport of containers by providing uniform international safety regulations, equally applicable to all modes of surface transport. In this way, proliferation of divergent national safety regulations can be avoided.

ICL – Institute of International Container Lessors – An organization that represents over 90% of container and chassis leasing companies around the world. The IICL sets leasing and repair standards for its members and is generally considered to have the strictest criteria when it comes to leasing, upkeep and repairs. If your container was previously leased, there’s a high probability it was part of the IICL.

ACEP – Approved Continuous Examination Program – Much like a continuing education program, these are quality inspection programs put in place by container owners to monitor the condition and maintenance of their containers. As long as a unit is monitored under an ACEP, their periodic CSC re-inspection is not necessary. If a container leaves the program from which it was originally built and maintained (e.g. in the case of a sale), it means that the containers will need to be inspected under CSC guidelines in order to be approved for shipping.

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