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Container may refer to:

  • Items used to contain, store, and transport products, such as:
    • Carton
    • Bottle
    • Can (disambiguation), several meanings
  • Shipping containers include
    • Crate
    • Wooden box
    • Intermodal container, aka Ship Container or Cargo Container
      • Twenty-foot equivalent unit, an industry standard intermodal container size
    • Intermediate bulk container
    • Corrugated box made of corrugated fiberboard
    • Unit Load Device
    • Drum (container)
    • Flexible intermediate bulk container
  • Food storage container
  • A skydiving container, which stores the parachute on a skydiving rig


  • Container (film), a 2006 film by Lukas Moodysson
  • Container (board game), a board game published in 2007


  • Container format (digital), a special class of computer file used for audio/video data
  • Container (data structure), an abstract data type in computer programming
  • Container (Type theory), an abstract way of representing data structures using dependent types
  • Operating system-level virtualization, a server virtualization method often called containers
  • Web container, implements the web component contract of the J2EE architecture

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