Besides the Used Containers Ex Major Ports and Master Lease Plans Rental Based on the Locations Worldwide

Besides the used containers ex major ports worldwide, we could also provide the following:

1. New Brand 24 pieces 20DC (Blue) manufactured in 2015/Nov in Shanghai
2. New Brand 20 pieces 20DC (Red/Grey) manufactured in 2014 in Shanghai
3. Used 20 RF/ 40′ RH Reefer Containers manufacured in 2001 and 2006 in Shanghai
4. Used 77 pieces 20 collapsible Flat Rack containers manufactured in 2008 in Shanghai

If you are interested, please let us know so that we could provide photos and price for your further reference.

And 40DC containers(CW/IICL with YOM2005-2008) available for Master Lease Only. We can offer a Rental Based on the location, quantity and lease period. Please advise.

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