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Lease and Credit /Annualy Charges

USD/YTL Current Daily CBRT Banknote Buying Equivalent

YTL/USD Current Daily CBRT Banknote Selling Equivalent

An Interactive Management view on Managements and Operations

International Invoicing / Management of Payment System

    • Structured Information flow to see the Containers information with various referential links
    • Copy PDFLists Invoices & Mass reprint facilities
    • Invoice payment status Information
    • Active filters enables sorting and viewing of information based on different criteria

– Filters on Release, Containers Numbers, Port/Depot of Call, PO List and Archive, Currency and Support History Details, Account and Payment status etc…
Manage, Trade and Invest with Blue Dolphins Containers.

– Managed Financial Investment Container Program

– Buy/Sale, Lease and Leased Purchise

We offers management of Third Party Owned Container Leasing Portfolios, which include the sale of containers on behalf of container investors, such as financial institutions, insurance and other leasing companies.

Finance Leases are term lease contracts that grant the lessee the right to Purchase the New and Used Containers at the end of the term.

International Shipping Containers

Container Management and Consultancy

Invest in TR
We Guarantee Investments in Turkish Republic

Lease and Credit /Annualy Charges

Indicative Exchange Rates Announced at Fixed Contracted on by the

Central Bank of Turkey /‎TCMB Daily TCMB Rating

Invoice / Re-Invoice
Lease and Re-Turns 1/2/3 Years

 % Borrowing Lending
1 Week Repo 0.00 7,5
Overnight 7,25 8,25
Late Liquidity 0.00 9,75

Currencies updated daily.
Exchange rates all currency conversions.
The exchange rate for a contracted is set at its GATE IN/GATE OUT, Sell/Buy/Lease, Repair and Investment Return date and held fixed through the entire contracts and transfer time. The exchange rate would be change at Date on Contrats.

As the country’s monetary authority, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) is responsible for implementing monetary and exchange rate policies and printing banknotes in Turkey.

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