We Sell: 12 pieces 20 DC in Alex at Egypt.

Hi, We Sell: 12 pieces 20 DC in Alexandria Port at Egypt.

All of them CW conditions. Prices 1150 USD.

If can you swap‎ units, inform us available locations.
If you interest pls. Contact with us.

Thanks and Regards,

Blue Dolphins Containers
Office: +90-212-2276701 Pbx.
Mobile: +90-532-4817961

Used Carrier RG Clip-On Gensets

Hi, We have in stock Used Second Hand Carrier RG Clip-On Gensets 2000-2003 all in running conditions.

For any inquiries, thanks to let us know.

Thanks and Regards,‎
[Blue Dolphins Containers]

We can Sell ‎more than +100 units New 20 DC ready to  be sold. All ‎manufactured in 2012.

Hi, We can sale more than +100 units New 20 DC ready to be sold. All manufactured in 2012,and still be stacked in storage yard.

If you are interested in these container please let us know how many and when you need, and which port you need to be send to.

We will give you a best quotation., you can ReChange your old’s. We can Buy your old Used’s where are locations informed and sale, new ones.

Thanks and Regards,
[Blue Dolphins Containers]

We Sell Available 4 pieces 40 DC Alexandria and Port Said

Hi, Thanks for your interest all our Requires/Demands We noted all sended, please do not hesitate inform your International Used Shipping Containers demands and offers with regular routes.

We have available for sale Shipping Containers in service conditions, 4 Pieces 40 DC At Alexandria an‎ 4 pieces 40 DC At Port Said.

If you interest our offer, please contact with us.
First come First served basis.

Thanks and Regards,
[Blue Dolphins Containers]

Offer: NEW DC Containers Sale from Factory in Shangai CHINA  

Hi, Available Sale, Lease and ReChange‎ NEW Containers in Shangai China.

20/40/HC International Shipping Containers‎ with CSC plate and GL/BV certificate

If containers to load goods, please advise the detail address and will check the freight cost from factory to accepted load/discharge Locations.

Please inform us leased target terms and prices requests.

If have old stocks, sale us discharge locations, use our new’s, leased purchise options and ReChange Own Stocks with [Blue Dolphins Containers]

Thanks and Regards,
‎[Blue Dolphins Containers]

Request: We need 1 pieces 20 DC at Port Said

Hi, ‎We need 1 pieces 20 DC at Port Said. CW Conditions. Ready For loading. ‎Pls. Offer us.


Upgrade Volume  and transfer HC Demand for Port Said.

We can offer one pieces 20 DC  and  one piece HC at Port Said. fyi,

Thanks and Regards,
‎[Blue Dolphins Containers]