General cargo securing rules

General cargo securing rules

Cargo stowed in containers must be secured on all sides to prevent shifting, in particular towards the door. Spaces between packages and/or container walls must be filled. Secure the cargo by using the lashing points provided on the top and bottom side rails and on the corner posts. Containers should be packed and cargo secured in accordance with guidelines for packing cargoes other than bulk cargo in or on cargo transport units (CTUs) for carriage by any means of transport at sea and ashore. Air transport has not been taken into account. The CTU packing guidelines published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labor Organization (ILO) of 02.05.1997 supersede any previously applicable container packing guidelines.

Drawing, cargo securing at frontFigure 1 Drawing, cargo securing in corrugationFigure 2 Drawing, cargo securing at sideFigure 3

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