Web Based Solution, In the business of Container Management. Built based on our domain knowledge in Container Leasing , One Way Services , Interchage and Trading, this simple but efficient system allows businesses to adapt easily to International requirements and conditions.

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[2015-1266],OFFER,Moscow,1,Open Top 40”,-
[2015-1265],OFFER,Moscow,2,REEFER 40’ 9’6” (High Cube),- Carrier Myo 1999-2003
[2015-1264],OFFER,Rotterdam NL,1,REEFER 40’ 9’6” (High Cube),TK Magnum 2006 – PTI-ok ( Pre Trip Inspected)
[2015-1263],OneWay,from Barcelona – Valencia – La Spezia – Genoa to TURKEY,Regular,20 DC,CW
[2015-1262],OFFER,Koper – SLOVENIA,15,20 DC,CW
[2015-1261],DEMAND,Alexandria – EGYPT,1,40 DC,CW
[2015-1260],DEMAND,Alexandria – EGYPT,3,20 DC,CW

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OFFERS,20 DC, 40 DC, 40DC HC,Conditions-Note
[Istanbul],6,11 ,8,CW -Ready for Loading
[Izmir],4,7,6,CW -Ready for Loading
[Mersin],2,1,1,CW -Ready for Loading

Blue Dolphins Containers have regular DEMANDS for TURKEY.


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