Offer: 20 DC Lease Purchise Offer at Doha

Hi, Available for ‎20 DC Sale and Lease Purchise Offer in Doha‎ at Qatar.
‎Total Pieces 100+
If you interest pls. Inform your requires about ‎avaliable 20 DC’s.

Thanks and Regards,‎
[Blue Dolphins Containers]

Require: 20 pieces Reefer HC at Hong Kong

Hi, We need 20 pieces 40’HC Reefers ex Hong Kong. Only Carrier or Daikin Machinery have to be in cargo worthy PTI Working and in Service Conditions..

Can you offer/supply? Pls. Contact with us.

Thanks and Regards,

[Blue Dolphins Containers]


We can offer shipping containers for sale in Sweden:

Gothenburg: 20×20 DC First Trip

I thank you for your attention and should you have an interest, please feel free to contact us.
Quantities are subject to final availability.

Thanks and Regards,
Blue Dolphins Containers

Available Containers for Sale in Constanta 20DC and HC in Bratislava HC in Budapest HC

Hi, We can offer you the following equipment’s at below in Eastern Europe:

2001+ MYO
Constanta: 20DC/40DC\HC

Please check and let us know your update.

Terms and conditions:

All units are sold in Cargo Worthy condition.

Offer validity: 7 days

Payment terms 100% as advance.

Containers sold on a first come first serve basis.

Free on truck basis‎

Thanks and Regards,
[Blue Dolphins Containers]